Welcome to the new Canadian Access Federation Core Services website.

This site provides technical information required by participants of the Canadian Access Federation. Please use the left hand menu to access specific information on metadata usage and IdP discovery.

Signed SAML metadata is available from:

SHA256 signed (recommended):https://caf-shib2ops.ca/CoreServices/caf_metadata_signed_sha256.xml

The metadata verification certificate available below can be used by CAF participants to verify the authenticity and veracity of the above file. Note that it cannot be used with the metadata file at https://caf-shibops.ca.

https://caf-shib2ops.ca/CoreServices/caf_metadata_verify.crt (simple PEM cert)

https://caf-shib2ops.ca/CoreServices/caf_metadata_verify.crt.txt (with text details)

CAF interfederation SAML metadata is available from:


CAF participants in interfederation metadata:

SHA256 signed:https://caf-shib2ops.ca/CoreServices/edugain_caf_metadata_signed_sha256.xml